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Powerful BRAs

#confidence #hearthealing

Early Bird Bonus
Register 2 weeks ahead and bring home a pair of premium bras worth AU$60 as your souvenir!
Group Special
Register in a group of 6 or more to enjoy 15% off the entire fee!
Birthday Treat
Register for any session scheduled in your birthday month to enjoy 45% off your fee!

Are we talking about the bras we wear?

Yes, literally and symbolically.

This Self Love Experience walks you through a Bible-based journey into your heart. This will be a safe place for you to be vulnerable and allow your heart healing to begin, based on your own comfort level to open up.


In this session, the powerful BRAs stands for your Breastplate of Righteousness Accountabilities.

Together, we will learn to guard our hearts which is often the source of what our mind thinks, what our mouth speaks, and how our body acts.

What to bring?

Simply just you and your whole self.


What will be prepared?


Everything we need to experience each activity together will be provided for you including worksheets which you can take notes and journal your thoughts through each discussion.


For the Early Birds who have registered 2 weeks prior to the scheduled session, you will each bring home a pair of premium Kissy Classic bras worth AU$60 as a souvenir from this Self Love Experience, which has a tested reputation of being one of the most comfortable and supportive bras ever designed for women. These are my personal top favorite since I first tried them on in year 2021.


What we will do

Morning Beauty Routine
Enjoy the complimentary treat of a premium collagen bird's nest peptides sachet worth AU$10 to start our morning together before we do a little next-sliming exercise to warm up.
09.00am - 09.05am (5m)
BRAs Tailoring
Learn the different essential parts that make a pair of great bras. Then, design & tailor your very own powerful BRAs which you can put on every day to protect & strengthen your heart.
10.15am - 11.15am (1h)
Heart & Mind Briefing
Connect with the activities today with your heart and mind, understand the meaning behind what we will be doing together and commit to be in the moment.
09.05am - 09.15am (10m)
Boiling Test
Take turns to be on the hotseat as I lead you through a 5-minute dessertS, turning your most boiling stressed issue backwards while putting what you have learned today into practice.
11.15am - 11.45am (30m)
Heart Travel
Renew your mindset about what is happening in your heart and how you can take intentional care of it each day on different areas - from dealing with anger to fear, generosity, and more.
09.15am - 10.15am (1h)
Cheer Letters
Cherish this experience with the other amazing women by writing them a Cheer Letter each. Write them something kind and encouraging and bring home your Cheer Letters from others.
11.45am - 12.00pm (15m)

What people are saying

Testimonial for Stephanie Cristal of "I first encountered Stephanie as a scribe in our board meeting. When she started probing insightful discussions from the management team, I started calling her into more meetings as a strategic thinker. In my years of working with her, Stephanie grasps the overview of things and can connect the dots to form the big-picture story. She articulates these stories well to people, and is also able to convert thoughts into actionable tasks and plan effectively. You can learn a lot from her experience and her ways of excelling in her corporate work performance." - Ir. Pau KH, Director, Engineering & Construction Services of Dialog Asia, former CEO of PETRONAS LNG Complex.

Amazing woman with creative, inspiring and motivational thoughts. Great to know her.


~ Katherina L., Malaysia.


Blessed birthday to our

May babies

Denise Hoo. Yeoh Sue Jane. Suhaib Mohammad Taha. Audree Maa. Lee Yi Tong. Sheril L.

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