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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

  • Your Personal Data Are Safe With Me
    I collect the information you provide directly to me. For example, I collect information when you reach out to me for a facial skin analysis, sign up as a member to earn Love Seeds (our Rewards Program), register to join an online skincare class, subscribe to my stories, attend an event or a skincare experience, make a purchase, communicate with me via third-party social media sites, request customer support or otherwise communicate with me directly. This is so that I can understand you and your current facial skin needs better to analyse and recommend the best treatment plan as we journey through your skincare transformation together, because our facial skin condition changes over time based on the environment we are in as well as our lifestyle and internal factors such as our hormonal balance level through our monthly cycle. The types of information I may collect (processed by secure third-party integrated platforms) include any information you choose to provide such as your phone number, name, delivery address, and email address. Here's the most crucial point: I respect the privacy of your personal data, and I do all I can to protect any of the data I collect. Because I genuinely believe that you will also respect all my content and intellectual property while you benefit from my insights, resources, and materials. When you sign up and log in to my website, your sensitive information such as your password is directly handled by secure third-party encryption standards. I strengthened that security by investing in a secure connection on my website. So don't worry, your personal data are safe with me. Thank you for keeping my content and intellectual property safe, too.
  • You Have Full Control Over Your Rights
    When you decide to leave or unsubscribe from my website and materials, just write to me to let me know at and I will respectfully remove your record. I would miss having you within our V Magic® Australia Circle but I respect your choice, and I will be here whenever you are ready to get back into this circle again.
  • You Promise to Respect Our Contents and Community
    As you use this website and its content for your facial skin transformation, you are promising me to respect my resources by not plagiarizing or reselling my content, and to respect our community by not putting anyone down in the comment but being a channel of encouraging words and constructive feedback where appropriate.
  • You Acknowledge You Are An Adult
    This website is built for adults of at least 18 years old, as we explore conversations and insights about facial skincare, healthy lifestyle, conducive surrounding, and more. If your underage child is using this website and its contents, please contact me to remove the information provided by your child.
  • Your Investment Comes With A Value Guarantee
    I love empowering people with trustworthy skincare knowledge and skills to nurture and sustain healthy facial skin for years and decades to come. And for each product that I decided to carry as part of V Magic® Australia, rest assure that I have done deep homework to study what are inside each bottle and tube, and understood how different facial skin conditions should and will react with how much amount of each product. That means, you can trust me in advising you on the recommended treatment plan for your current facial skin condition, which should be dynamic and agile given that our surrounding environment and lifestyle keep evolving. I am not here to sell you skincare products; I am here to walk your facial skin transformation journey with you and it is my focus to bring you into experiencing real results if you also do your best part to put my advice into practice. At the same time, I also acknowledge that God created everyone uniquely. Thus, every person may have their own unique journey that requires different levels of effort, resource investment, and treatment duration. If you don't find your investment to be valuable so far in your facial skin transformation journey with me using the V Magic® skincare products, reach out to me and don't be shy to share your honest feelings with me - whether it's disappointment, fear, doubt, regret, or more - and I will do an intensive 4-week treatment monitoring and advisory with you, to help you see progressive results with your cooperation. I will not want to take your money if what I offer brings you no value after you have done your part in the journey. That is my value guarantee.
  • Last Updated on 1 July 2023
    I used to skip reading the Terms and Conditions pages because they always look complicated and hard to understand with all the legal terms, so I promised myself to write one from my own heart that people can actually follow through and get it. I hope you have read all that I have written above. If I update any of the terms and policies, I will include the Last Updated date here accordingly. If you have any questions about any part of these terms of use and privacy policy, please do not hesitate to ask me. I would love for you to enjoy my content with a clear mind without doubt or fear. Be blessed and be beautiful inside out, Stephanie Cristal D.
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