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What does having healthy face skin mean to you?

Why is having healthy face skin so important to you? Tell us your skincare stories! This is a safe space for you to share, so be at ease and share according to your personal comfort level.

Let me start with mine:

What does having a healthy face skin mean to you?

I started being active on stage doing singing performances at various government and private functions since around 5 years old. Because of that, I grew up being put on heavy makeup for stage lighting and then left alone to figure out how to clean my makeup at night after the events.

Unfortunately for me, my mom, aunt, or sisters didn't put on makeup much, so no one taught me to clean my makeup with makeup remover and then facial cleanser. So I always used what I readily had in the bathroom at home - body soap to clean my heavy makeup.

Multiply that several times a year and compounding to 8 years until I moved to a boarding school for my secondary education - no more or very few stage performances for big functions after that.

By then, when I started to be aware of skincare, my face skin had become quite sensitive, dry, dull, clogged, etc. My search for the right skincare products soon began, and of course not without investing in trying all the highly advertised premium brands.

After years of buying, trying, and switching skincare products, here was the conclusion I made to live with then: No skincare products could truly improve my skin condition to achieve the kind of flawless complexion which only a heavy-cover foundation could give me, so any skincare products that did not cause breakout were the best I could ask for.

Still, there's this part in my heart which secretly hoped that my conclusion was wrong, that I just had not found the right skincare products, believing that there must be some really effective skincare products that could restore my skin and give me back a healthy, glowing complexion without any BB cream, CC cream, foundation, etc.

In my entire life, the skincare products which I abandoned halfway for trying another hopefully better one could add up to fill up a small skincare brand outlet, wasting many thousands of dollars.

But I am so glad to have that secret hope for finding the right skincare products, which eventually led me to give V Magic® products a try - and when I gave it a second chance with full commitment, that was when my decade of search ended.

I was using a minimal range of V Magic® products when I first started. After using them for a few months, I moved to Australia in 2022 and went out of stock at hand. I then started buying local and online products to 'try again'.

In the short 5 months of using skincare products from local and online stores, I have had several breakout skin conditions. One day I remembered V Magic® and searched high and low online to try to purchase some of the products I used before. I got connected to the brand Founder's wife by chance and after some conversations, found an opportunity to expand the brand to Queensland. V Magic® began in Malaysia and has had its footprint in Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines since the time it came to Australia.

My life as a part-time Biotech Skincare Adviser began with weeks of intensive one-to-one training conducted personally by the Founder's wife.

I remembered the afternoon when my first batch of V Magic® products arrived, I could not wait to finally resume my skincare routine with V Magic®. Even though my first experience with their products was not the best yet as I didn't purchase their full range of products recommended for my skin condition at that time, the brand was remarkable enough to draw me back to it. It's hard not to want to trust a brand in which all its beauty consultants or users I met have flawless skin and healthy, glowing complexion with only sunscreen on and without makeup!

My true experience with V Magic® began the night after receiving the products in Queensland.

The Founder's wife guided me via a virtual call on applying each of the skincare products recommended for my existing skin condition, and she told me to apply on only half my face so I could see the difference.

I must admit that I was skeptical about skincare products giving visible effects after just one application, but I did as she guided me. When I was done applying the final product, she asked if I could see the difference. I could not believe that half my face was visibly more lifted and plump - after just one application!

By my 8th day of using V Magic® skincare products, the comedones formed by excessive bad cholesterol at the side of both my eyes have reduced significantly and are almost fully flattened (see the comparison below)!

It truly lives up to its name and philosophy - the better alternative to cosmetic surgery. I would be too selfish if I didn't share this good stuff with everyone I know.

What about you?

Now it's your turn to share your skincare stories. And if you are open to it, I would be happy to do a 1-on-1 facial skin consultation for you so don't be shy to reach out.

After all, our self-love starts from restoring and maintaining our health. And I love to start with the health of my face skin because it's the first testimonial to speak of me being responsible for taking care of myself all the time.

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Afraid of getting pimples on my face, I often quickly remove my makeup after work to let my skin breathe. V Magic Aqua Makeup Remover is my go-to remover. It is formulated with all-natural ingredients and is very gentle and moisturizing to the skin. It removes even the toughest waterproof eye makeup.


~ International Flights Air Stewardess

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