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Original Kissy© Classic Black Vest

Seriously the most comfortable, supportive, and beautifully-shaped bras you must not miss trying in your lifetime. With the right size, it adapts to your unique contour, and is designed to improve your breast health and shape - by not strangling your bust, underarm bulges, and your back. You will be delighted to find such bras offering such comfort while holding your breasts in beautiful shape.


The best part about it? You can remove the bra pads for super easy washing every day, and switch between the thick and thin pads depending on your preference and mood.


It also comes with a complimentary pair of matching panties.

Original Kissy© Classic Black Vest

  • Wearing:


    It's recommended to wear the Kissy© bras like wearing a skirt - from the bottom. As you pull them upwards to cover your breasts, wear the stripes to your shoulders. It is the same concept when we wash our face, we always massage our face upwards and outwards in a circular movement, always lifting up and not pulling down.


    You can lean forward slightly, with one hand clipping on the bottom edge of the same side of the bras pad to hold it in its position, insert your other hand into the cup and gently lift up that side of your breast to fill the cup fully. Repeat and do the same for the other side.





    Do not bleach, iron, or dry-clean.


    Being environmentally friendly on the printing and dyeing of bras, the initial washing of dark-colored bra set will have a slight floating color, which is normal. Best not to soak the bras for a long time while washing and always wash dark & light-colored clothing separately.


    Kissy© bras are made with the Japan hot pressing technology without any stitches or a buckle, it is thus recommended that you use neutral detergent, low temperature, and gentle washing. If you do wash them in a washing machine, please load the bras into laundry bags, use neutral detergent, and turn the washing machine into gentle/delicate mode.


    DO NOT put the bras into the Dryer Machine or wash them with hot water (as the HOT temperature will loosen the latex and elasticity of the bras)  just leave them to dry under a shade. The bras can’t go direct under sunlight as well because the negative ions will wear out. 


    You don't need to remove the pads when you wash the bras, but I personally prefer to remove the pads from the vest and wash them separately for easier handling and drying. To remove the pads, curl one of them and gently pull it out of the insertion hole, do the same for the other pad. To insert pads, roll the pad horizontally from the bottom and insert it from the edge into the insertion hole.

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