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V Magic® Cellular Refine Pre Serum (R)

A highly effective, botanical-based brightening and smoothening treatment without causing irritation or damage to skin. Expect to see smoother and brighter skin in the days ahead with the R Serum. It eliminates dull surface cells, clears impurities buried deep down your skin, reduces the production of melanin, and minimizes pores. If you are familiar with the function of scrub, this is the functional twin of scrub which works to push out dirts from under your skin. When you touch you face, if you could feel bump from underneath the skin like the hidden pimples which are not seen from your skin surface, be prepared for a period of time where you might experience a 'temporary breakout' as the R serum is doing its job to push out these dirts from underneath your skin.

V Magic® Cellular Refine Pre Serum (R)

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  • Use once at night every three days (or otherwise advised by me upon analyzing your current skin condition). After cleaning your face (and after Scrub and Mask if you include them in your routine), wipe dry with a clean face towel.

    Apply a layer of Vigor Tonique Toner on your face before you apply R Serum.

    Immediately after your face has a layer of toner, with your middle & ring fingers of one hand on standby near your cheek and that cheek tilted upwards, with another hand squeeze 2-3 drops on that cheek and using your standby fingers gently sweep the serum across your cheek from inside outward and upward in circle movement, across your nose and chin. Repeat 2-3 drops for the other cheek and then 2 drops on your forehead. You don’t have to massage until it gets drier, leave it for 10-15 minutes as a serum mask application.

    Rinse your face with clean water at around room temperature. You can next continue your usual skincare routine beginning with applying the toner once again.


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