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V Magic® Vigor Tonique Toner

Unlike softener and pre-Tonique which stays on the skin surface and can be easily evaporated, leaving the skin dry shortly after, Tonique, especially the V Magic® Vigor Tonique, creates channels for deep-layer penetration (also for the following serum application) and for maximum absorption into the skin, stabilizing and restoring the skin structure.​

It is formulated with no alcohol, no fragrance, and no colorant. Its beautiful blueish, pinkish, or greenish hues come from the natural Malachite extract, peony flower extract, or Oak Root Extract respectively!


Which to choose for you? In short, the blue Soothe Toner is most suitable for sensitive skin conditions, the green Light Toner for the oily/acne skin conditions, and the pink Moist toner for the dry skin conditions. You can read more about each of them under Stephanie's Thoughts section.

V Magic® Vigor Tonique Toner

PriceFrom $25.00
Choice of Toner
  • Use twice daily in the morning and at night. After cleanser (and scrub), with three fingers of one hand on standby near your cheek, with another hand hold and tilt the bottle downwards towards your cheek and using your standby fingers gently sweep the toner across your cheek from inside outward and upward in circular movement, across your nose and chin. Repeat for the other cheek and forehead. You don’t have to massage until it gets drier, so that most toner goes into your skin instead of your hands (or cotton pads).


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