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V Magic® White Serum (W)

This Magic White Serum is formulated with exclusive swiftlet nest extract, polypeptides and quality hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid which will deeply penetrate into your skin. It infuses cells with new vitality to promote cellular energy and cell turnover while retexturing skin. It improves and reduces the uneven skin tone and fades away your dark scars. This functional serum makes sure that whatever needs repair underneath your skin is effectively repaired. Just popped an acne and left a scar? Apply a few drops of W Serum and see your skin tone get even faster than before. Without W Serum, as what you might have experienced in the past, your scar would eventually turn dark on your skin, and for the ones with deeper roots, they could grow into pigmentation over time. That would be a whole lot of different issues which you would not want to deal with if possible. But worry not, that's a problem W Serum can help you handle.

V Magic® White Serum (W)

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  • Use twice daily in the morning and at night. Immediately after H Serum, you should apply W Serum when your face is still wet with H Serum, don’t wait until your face gets drier.​

    With your middle & ring fingers of one hand on standby near your cheek and that cheek tilted upwards, with another hand squeeze 2 drops on that cheek and using your standby fingers gently sweep the serum across your cheek from inside outward and upward in a circle movement, across your nose and chin. Repeat 2 drops for the other cheek and then 1 drop on your forehead. You don’t have to massage until it gets drier so that most serum goes into your face skin and not your hands.


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