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Find out your current face skin condition and your focus area from the comfort of wherever you are.


Skin Analysis

Having knowledge of your skin is like activating a superpower to Youthfulness

Enough of trial and error in your search for the right skincare products for you at different stages of your life.

Skincare products should be truly safe to use and effective, without all the commercial fluff and heavy price tags.

In your skincare transformation journey with me, you are not only learning what products and how to use for your face but also coached to understand the insider skincare secrets and knowledge, so that you are well empowered to take control of your own skin for years and decades to come.


No more endless trying of different skincare products with the hope that you have found the right ones - just to be disappointed again.

Answer these questions to find out more about your skin condition as I help you to analyse your face and then recommend the most suitable Skincare Products Suite tailored for your current focus area.

Take the Skin Analysis quiz

What do you use to wash and clean face in your routine?
Does your face skin easily feel itchy, show redness, or react sensitively to new environment/product?
Does your face skin usually feel dry or flakey with no moisture?
When you touch your face, can you feel bumps under or on your face skin?
What do you use to wash and clean face in your routine?

You have completed your face skin self analysis

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