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My V Magic® White Serum shocking experiment with data

I don't like sticky skincare products on my face.

And if you have read my earlier skincare stories, you will know that for a big chunk of my twenties, I was searching for and trying all kinds of skincare products to treat pigmentation and spots.

I have developed an irregular spread of spots on my face since a very young age, believed to be due to frequent heavy makeup for stage performances with no proper cleaning each time. I could remember being all dolled up for stage performances at many events from as early as when I was three years old, and I could trace the relatively biggest spot on my left cheek to when I was 13 from my early secondary-school pictures!

When I started trying V Magic® skincare products in 2022, I had the V Magic® White Serum (the W Serum) as part of my recommended skincare treatment routine. I applied it at night as the last step in my skincare routine after toner and the H Serum (for deep hydration), and I found it kind of sticky.

For that reason, sometimes I would skip applying the W Serum after the H Serum. And then there was a period of totally not using V Magic® skincare products for half a year during my transition to Australia because I eventually ran out of stock and could not find them here.

Fast forward to January 2023 when I was finally trained properly under the brand as a Biotech Skincare Adviser and to bring V Magic® into the Australian market, my first step was naturally to use only V Magic® skincare products to thoroughly experience its effect and results on my own face, so that I could have the practical encounter of the products to strengthen my theoretical knowledge about each of them and what they respectively do to our facial skin.

Guess what? Known as the brand's super-power repair serum for treating spots and damaged skin (scars) while evening skin tones, the W Serum got back into my skincare routine. Welcome back, sticky nights? Or not?

Well, to be fair, the W Serum is not as sticky as I might have made it feel here. It absorbs quite quickly into the deep layers of the skin in my own experience. I am just an OCD person liking everything I touch to feel smooth and clean, and a lightly sticky face feels like a sweaty, dirty face - psychologically.

So, it did not take too long until I started occasionally skipping on the W Serum again especially when the weather got humid, especially throughout the entire first half of my trip back to Malaysia in May for my mom's major operation and immediate recovery phase.

Then on one fateful day, I visited the local V Magic® team one Senior Adviser had my face scanned by the facial analyser machine. Look at my numbers on 27 May 2023:

Stephanie's facial skin analysis on 27 May 2023 before using V Magic® White Serum

It's no secret now that I am now 33. On 27 May 2023, my overall skin age as shown in the middle of this facial analysis summary was as per my biological age, 33. I remember the days when my skin age used to be older than my biological age. Anyway, pay attention to the bottom three areas of concern - Skin Tone, UV Spot, and Spot. By skin age, they were all older than my biological age. For example, my Spot condition was at a level where an average female at the age of 35 would have.

Looking at this result, the Senior Adviser asked if I was using the W Serum, because it was a no-brainer option to treat my Skin Tone, UV Spot, and Spot condition. Having understood my concern with the 'sticky' feel, she encouraged me to be committed to applying the W Serum day and night with only 2-2-1 drops (2 drops on each cheek and 1 drop on the forehead) after the H Serum, and come back in two weeks to see the difference.

Alright, here is a personal confession. As a V Magic® Skincare Adviser, I always have in my head that I can trust the V Magic® skincare products because they are effective and safe, said to be effective from the first drop.

I have felt the difference after using these products myself, but this knowledge and visual progress by bare eyes were still lacking some kind of unbeatable proof to form my solid belief in how effective each of the products is. Because let's be honest, we have all been 'hurt and cheated' by too many skincare products out there since the time we knew about using a facial cleanser. Such bad experiences have formed a certain sticky belief about skincare products deep in us which can be hard to rebuild.

So, I took the advice and diligently apply the W Serum without skipping day and night, despite the humid weather in Malaysia. I also figured out a way to address the 'sticky face' problem by applying a thin layer of the V Magic® Bee Venom Age-Frozen Creme a few minutes after the W Serum is absorbed into my face more, which is surprisingly not greasy, and it seals and locks the moisture in - no more sticky face!

On 15 June 2023, I went back for another follow-up scan to see the result of my over 2-week diligence with the W Serum, without expecting too much. Look at my numbers, OMG!

Stephanie's facial skin analysis on 15 June 2023 after using V Magic® White Serum

My overall skin age grew two years younger in less than a month! And the respective skin ages for Skin Tone, UV Spot, and Spot all came down to match my biological age. I also noticed an overall improvement for all concern areas except for Moisture as it has already been well maintained by the H Serum.

Please bear in mind that these were numbers of my skin condition during an environment of irregular sleep in and out of the hospital caring for my mom the entire month. Critically, I must say I was and am still very impressed to see the effectiveness of the W Serum by the data. You bet I have never skipped the W Serum any day now - no one in the right mind would after experiencing this transformation with the W Serum!

I could not keep this to myself and reached out to my every existing V Magic® customer who is undergoing their skincare transformation journey with me and has the W Serum as part of their skincare routine, to share this experiment and encourage them to stay diligent in applying their W Serum, plus the tips on addressing the sticky face if they have the same concern as me about it.

Formulated to accelerate the recovery of damaged skin cells (caused by air pollution, UV rays, unhealthy lifestyle, pressure, and more), the four key ingredients in the W Serum penetrate into deep layers of skin cells for precise actions:

  • Premium Swiftlet Nest Extract: A potent antioxidant, is rich in epidermal growth factor, polypeptides, amino acids, and microelements. It signals cells to boost collagen and elastin production and speeds up wound recovery for youthful firmness and glow.

  • Centella Asiatica Extract: Expedites wound recovery, and rebuilds and strengthens the cells' protective barrier.

  • Tranexamic Acid 2%: Lightens pigmentation by accelerating the recovery of the damaged skin barrier and thus preventing the formation of more melanin than required to protect the skin.

  • ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate): The energy-carrying molecule that increases the cells' activity and metabolism rates, energises the skin cells, penetrates deep in the skin, and is anti-inflammatory and effective in providing anti-aging protection.

Now is your turn to share your skincare stories with me. Have you experienced very effective and safe skincare products before as well? Tag me in the comment and share with us.

If you would like to learn more about your facial skin and the suitable skincare products your skin needs, I do 1-on-1 facial skin analysis and it is complimentary for my subscriber, so feel free to reach out to me.

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