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Hi, I am Stephanie Cristal D.

of V Magic® Australia

Birthdays to me

Years ago, my birthdays used to be a reminder of me growing another year older - and hopefully wiser.


Ever since I have made V Magic® a part of my day and night facial skincare routine, my birthdays have each become a rewarding celebration of another year of freezing my skin's youthfulness - okay, maybe 90% of it - while growing wiser.

I was like you

For almost two decades, I was like you, searching for the right cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers, creams, sunscreens, foundation creams and powders. Each time when a set of facial skincare products from a new brand I was trying didn't seem to give me the skin health improvement I was hoping for, I believed that probably it was just because I didn't buy from the more expensive brands.


So just like that, my purchase appetite of trying each new brand became more and more expensive. No doubt I was disposing of batches and batches of abandoned skincare products. Talk about extreme wastage. From the ones I started buying at the supermarkets, I was climbing up the pricier and more luxurious skincare brands. I also went to well-known dermatologist clinics to get some laser treatments.

Concerns on the budget

To some point in my life, I became scared of trying a new brand of skincare products. Because I was afraid that if they finally worked effectively on my facial skin, I didn't know how long I would be able to afford the amount of expenses required to keep using these products and maintaining my skin health.

Then one day someone told me this: "How many years will I have the privilege to enjoy youthful skin? Until my 40s? Maybe stretch a bit longer into my 50s? I thought through, and then I had my peace to grab the privilege I have now being in my 20s or 30s, and just keep investing into my skincare while I can afford now. Because I know, every day I put consistent effort into my skincare routine, I am extending my youthfulness by another day, another week, another month, or another year.

Indeed, a great foundation of facial skin health in our 20s and 30s goes a long way and makes a significant difference for when we approach our 40s and beyond. So, I kept searching and trying, despite always having got disappointed by all kinds of facial skincare brands and price points, because I was hopeful to finally reap a harvest for all the efforts and time I put into taking care of my facial skin health.

My skin condition


And guess what? My facial skin throughout those endeavours was never as healthy as it is today with V Magic® products. Not that I now have flawless facial skin; I still want to further reduce my pores, still have spots around my face which I developed since my early teens due to accumulative improper cleansing from the heavy makeup I used to put on for frequent stage performances since when I was around 5 years old, and some fine lines that always try to form around my eyes.


Skincare is a lifelong journey. The condition of our internal body systems, our surrounding environments, and our personal habits (the diet we consume, the water we drink. the sleeping cycle we maintain, the tobacco we smoke, the alcohol we drink, etc.) are constantly changing.

My skincare routine requires a dynamic adjustment from time to time according to my current skin condition. Same goes to yours. That is also the most important value I commit to deliver when I brought V Magic® biotech skincare products into Australia since January 2023, that I want to walk your facial skin transformation journey with you.

An ongoing journey with you

With V Magic® Australia, you won't be left alone once you have made your skincare products purchase. I will be guiding you and empowering you with skincare knowledge and the insider secrets, checking in from time to time to monitor the progress of your facial skin transformation, adjusting your skincare routine with you based on your latest skin condition and other relevant factors, answering your questions, and cheering for you until you have achieved your facial skin goals.

Don't worry about getting stuck with me or V Magic® skincare products, though. No strings attached. You are free to switch to other skincare brands whenever you want to, just let me know so I can respect your boundary by discontinuing the ongoing check-in.

Who I am outside of V Magic® Australia

I am a wife to a super patient and supportive husband, who has built V Magic® Australia together with me outside of his profession in Liquefied Natural Gas operations.

I love singing, logical problem-solving, designing, getting busy in the kitchen, eating, writing, and talking.

I do this on the side along with my Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) professional practice, where I have worked with C-Suite Executives of Oil & Gas companies since 2013 and have served one of the Big 4 consulting firms since 2022 with a decade of hands-on experience across the rich spectrum of ERM (enterprise risk profiling & risk-based business planning facilitation, fit-for-purpose risk governance & framework enhancement, risk-culture-building programs customization & drive, risk capability upskilling modules development for Risk Fraternity, risk management presentation at International Conferences, risk research and insights reporting, etc.).

Now that you have known a little more about me, I look forward to knowing you and walking your facial skin transformation journey with you when you are ready.


Your trusted Skincare

V Magic® Biotech Skincare Suite

The beginning of V Magic® dated back to 2011 with the successful formulation of its first product, the V Magic® Gel, in Taiwan.

The V in the name came from the V-shaped cosmetic surgery trend so highly sought after in Asia, and the word Magic was inspired by the instant, magical lift that the V Magic® Gel gives - without cosmetic surgery.

The brand Founder, Michael Wang, was inspired to develop a biotech skincare products range after many years of interviewing over a hundred top beauty experts in the beauty media industry as an ex-Chief Editor of Beauty Magazine.

He stays focused on designing a range of powerful non-surgical products that capitalize on nature’s power and scientific technology. Today, V Magic® has over 30 effective skincare products formulated in collaboration with specialists around the world.


The brand has expanded its footprint from Taiwan to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and now to Australia, where I am a trained Skincare Adviser and a V Magic® brand agent, currently based in Queensland.

How should you care for your facial skin at the very least?

While sometimes for the purpose of detoxing from previous unsafe or ineffective products, advising you to stop using any skincare products and only washing with clean water might be the plan for a certain window, but once your skin stabilises, you will then be advised to gradually resume your skincare routine, starting from the basic.

So what are considered the basic skincare products?


The following is a chart showing V Magic®'s full product list in the order of use from the right to the left, top to bottom.

At the very least, you will need to have a cleanser, a toner, and sunscreen for the day - even if you are staying indoors, as long as there is a window or glass allowing sunray into the building where you reside.

I have marked these three basic categories with *. 


You can start with the Brightening Cleanser, and depending on your need, you may need to add on the Aqua Makeup Remover if you use the SPF50 sunscreen or put on makeup, or add on the Duol Refine Buffer Scrub if you are looking to address clogged pores or minor pimples issues. I can advise you on this based on your skin condition upon analysing your face. Travel or trial sizes are available if you prefer to start small before committing too much in the beginning.


After doing a great job cleaning your face off of all impurities from products or air, your skin is ready to be nourished with one of the Vigor Tonique toners that suit your current skin condition. This is especially crucial to create channels for your skin to absorb all the effective ingredients you may be feeding it after this, such as serum, gel, or cream. Or if just on its own, the toner gives your clean skin a layer of nutrients to do the basic job of soothing, moisturising, or controlling oil secretion. Again, travel or trial sizes are available if you prefer to start small before committing too much in the beginning.


Sunscreen for UV protection is a must especially in Australia with such a high UV exposure, even if you stay indoors. There's a good rule of thumb, that even on your laziest day if you can only apply one thing on your face after washing it, put on the Premium Sunscreen! Go for the white-cap SPF30 No Color if you prefer it light especially when you are addressing sensitive skin conditions or are staying at home as this sunscreen is safe even for babies. If you prefer better coverage, the black-cap SPF50 Medium Cover would be your go-to choice, saving you from applying another layer of BB cream or foundation powder. Or if your skin needs some extra moisture, go for the orange-cap SPF50 Light Cover. As always, you can choose the travel or trial sizes if you prefer to start small before committing too much in the beginning.

Gel & Cream

Your Skincare Budget Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the total investment for your skincare products suite purchase. To ease your monthly financial planning, I also calculate an estimated monthly budget based on the total products and how long they last based on a normal amount of daily usage.

Go ahead and play around with your different options and decide on the best combination that suits your current skin needs and budget.

The basic skincare products:

The add-ons based on needs:

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